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Just Comments is a comment system. It works for every website. Perfect for the static ones.

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Easy installation

The setup of Just Comments takes a couple of minutes. Typically, the integration effort is low. All you need to do is to add a couple of lines of HTML code to your website. Take a look at our documentation page to learn more.


Just Comments is a paid service which monetized by charging its customers according to their usage of the service. Just Comments is not monetized via embedding ads or selling user data.

Authentication via 3rd party services

At the moment, it is possible for the users to authenticate via Twitter. The list of supported systems will be extended in the future.

Integration with Gravatar

Just Comments can fetch avatars/profile pics from Gravatar using the user's email. Therefore, if a user leaves his email, the user picture will be picked up and displayed to other users.

Integration with Recaptcha

To get rid of all spam by bots, you may want to enable Recaptcha for your website. Just Comments supports new invisible Recaptcha that is only shown to the users who are probably spammers. Take a look at our documentation page to learn more.

Custom authentication against your user database

If you have your user database which defines who is allowed to comment, you can easily integrate it with Just Comments. Take a look at our documentation page to learn more.

Multiple languages

You can choose the language of the comment widget that your users see. Take a look at our documentation page to learn more. Contact us if we don't have a language that you need yet.

Comment moderation

Site administrator gets the email notification which allows hiding comments which violate your rules. It's easy to moderate comments from your mobile phone or forward the moderation email to the responsible person.


Just Comments supports Markdown. You users can share links, code snippets or code using Markdown.