New design and features on the roadmap

Check out the preview of new design for JustComments
by Alex on 2019-4-7 01:00:00

JustComments is live on Product Hunt

JustComments launched on Product Hunt
by Alex on 2019-3-10 00:00:00

Code Syntax Highlighting

learn about new code syntax highlighting for your blog
by Alex on 2019-3-3 00:00:00

Introducing JustComments API

learn about new API for JustComments
by Alex on 2019-3-2 00:00:00

Important security update for Twitter login flow

learn about improvements in Twitter login flow
by Alex on 2019-2-25 00:00:00

New Email Configuration Options

learn about improvements in email notifications
by Alex on 2018-12-8 00:00:00

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