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New UI including Facebook auth and comment preview is released

by Alex on 7/9/2019, 11:00:00 AM

Hi! 👋

I am happy to share with you that the new UI is available now! 🎉 But no worries, the old UI will continue to work without changes. You can decide if and when you switch to the new UI. You can get the updated integration code via your account page or replace w.js with w2.js in your existing code.

What's new in the UI apart from the fresh look?

  1. Facebook authentication
  2. Comment preview
  3. More powerful customization via CSS variables

Also, several configuration options were added and removed:

  • The query part of the URL does not automatically become a page ID unless you define data-usequery="true".
  • data-allowguests="true" has been removed. Instead, data-disablesociallogin="true" and data-disableanonymouslogin="true" have been added.
  • data-disableprofilepictures, data-disablesharebutton, data-hidecommentheader, data-hidenocommentstext have been added.
  • Ukrainian language has been added.
  • data-defaultuserpicurl allows to define a custom avatar for the cases when the user has none.
  • Since the UI required additional text to be translated, please send me the feedback about the quality of translations for the languages you know!

Check out the new Demo page and the updated Documentation for more details.

Best regards,

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