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Pricing change on 15.08.2019

by Alex on 7/22/2019, 6:00:00 PM

Hi there 👋

I want to notify you that the pricing of JustComments is going to change starting from 15th of August 2019. The pricing information on the website will be updated immediately, but the actual change in the billing for existing users will be enabled only after the date above.

After talking to many existing customers and weighing different options, I decided to introduce a minimum monthly fee. The new price for the service will be $5/month per active API key + the actual usage.

The price for credits will remain the same, $15 per 1 million. Only how the balance is spent changes: an active API key will consume 333 333 every month. This way $15 equals three-month subscription if there is minor or no usage and less time if the system is used more heavily. If you delete the API key, the credits won't be consumed until you create a new API key. Also, if you purchase more than one million of credits, you get a discount. Checkout the billing page in your account for more details.

An additional change is related to how the EU VAT is collected. Previously, it was incorrectly included in the price. Now it will be excluded from the price and included only if you reside in the EU which means if you are, for example, in US you only pay $15 per million credits whereas someone from EU pays $15 + VAT. Note: your local taxes may still apply.

I understand that this change might catch you by surprise. But I believe that it's essential for the future of the service to build a stable recurring revenue stream to provide continuous support and development to you.

Please talk to me if you have a different opinion or if you want a refund for already purchased credits.

Best regards,

P.S. if you have not seen the latest features (new UI and reactions), take a look at our blog and enable them for your site.

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