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by Alex on 12/7/2019, 9:46:00 AM

Hey! 👋

In the last couple of months, we have made a few additions and improvements to JustComments:

  • added rel="ugc" to all user generated URLs. UGC stands for User Generated Content and helps Google and other search engines to classify the links posted by your users properly.
  • a new feature has been added which allows you to override all text strings used by JustComments. Read more in our documentation
  • we added the following languages: Vietnamese, Finnish and Mexican Spanish.
  • we added an option to add target=_blank to the user posted links which would open the links in a new tab. You can turn it on in your account settings.
  • we added a usage chart which shows you how many credits you consume on every day. You can find it on the Billing tab in your account.

Stay tuned!

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