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All features included starting from $5 per month.

Monthly costs = $5 per active API key + actual usage

All prices are shown without the VAT which may or may not apply depending on your residence.

How we measure usage

What are credits?

JustComments uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model which allows supporting small and big websites alike. Think of credits as tokens for an old arcade video game: you buy them up front according to your needs and then play whenever you want.

What consumes credits?

Having an active API key costs 11111 credits per day. Fetching a batch of comments consumes 1 credit. Additional features like email notifications and API calls, if used, consume credits.

What is a batch of comments?

When someone opens a page with JustComments widget, the widget fetches 1 batch which consists of up to 100 top-level comments and additionally all replies to those comments. Thus, multiple comment batches might be fetched or an empty batch depending on the number of comments on the page.

Estimate your monthly costs

Every request to fetch comments consumes 1 credit on average .
The monthly cost of an active API key is included.


20,000 of page views per month


users see



$ 5.30

per month

Pricing Example
How does it work?

For example, you have a web site with 25 000 pageviews per month and only 80% users scroll down to comments so this reduces to 20 000 comment pageviews. Serving these visitors costs approximately 20 000 credits or just $0.3 per month for a typical website. Additionally, you pay $5 per month for having an active API key.

JustComments is already optimized to request comments only if the user scrolls down to the comments section. Of course, you are free to include the comment widget not for all users but only for those who request to view comments.

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