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About Pricing

What consumes credits?

Fetching a batch of comments (up to 100 comments in a batch) consumes 1 credit. Additionally, email notifications and API requests, if used, consume credits.

How many comments are normally fetched?

When someone opens a page with JustComments widget, the widget will fetch up to 100 top-level comments and additionally all replies to those comments.

What does not consume credits?

Creation of comments and storage of comments is for free.

JustComments is a
Pay-as-you-go Service

You top up your balance with credits you spend if
your readers fetch the comments. Estimate the costs using the slider.


500,000 of credits


users see



$ 0.3

per month

The JustComments.
How it Works?

For example, you got a site with 25,000 pageviews per month. For example, only 80% users scroll down to comments so this reduces to 20 000 page-views. It would cost 20 000 credits or just $0.3 per month. if you have no more than 100 comments on each page.

JustComments is already optimized to request comments only if the user scrolls down to the comments section. Of course, you are free to include the comment widget not for all users but only for those who request to view comments.

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  • Learn about our pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Every new account gets 1 000 free credits for a trial period. No credit card required.
  • Creation of comments and storage of comments is for free.